Everything Happen...

It has been long time since I wrote here. Sometimes I got lazy and blank to write something, but now, I'm kind of irritated to my colleague. Everything that has simple matter she is blaming me, when she has fault she is blaming me, when big boss ask something she's pointing me, when I stand with my own mouth she blamed me! oh...and I had enough blamed with, really...!
I really want to slap her mouth with floorcloth, it's really annoying when you blamed everyday *siiiigh*

Also, My ZE Vol. 09 already sent yesterday, I'm hopeless to read that book, wish that book is coming soon to my home *crossfinger*

Anyway, today it's miku's birthday, Happy Birthday, adrio_nevralka!
Hope you have great day! ^^

Welcome to the hell

Okay, I've just knew that work world is not really nice that I think, if you don't like it you have to bear it or leave it.
But it's not easy to find work again if you left so, one way is to bear with it(until find new job, tehee~).
I'm grateful that my work colleague is nice, all of it, they suggest me how to do work or don't think hardly about your job(sometimes I panicked when my boss added me new job even though I'm still not used with other job that she gave), relax...
but....welll, I'm no longer bear my emotion with my boss, so...I did stupid move that made her furious and then...she cut me *crying*
Honestly, I'm still wanna work in there again (without that boss, off course) because we will rarely find the people who match with our character
Now, I'm still afraid to start find job again because we don't know how is the environment in new work going :(((

Another New Year in 2014

One year has passed which is 2013, and we came to celebrate another year, 2014, Yey!
Many things happened in past year, 2013, start from I got a permanent job when I'm still student until I got another Job to work on. Thanks for God who always helps and take care of me to get the best in me, also, many support came from my family, my relatives, and my friends, thanks to you too all, because of you, I keep strong until now ^^.
And I want say :
"Happy New year!"
This for you all :

Collapse )

Thanks to you all...^____^

Hello, it has been while since I posting something...My last post is about getting "Blind Mind" manga and now changed to get "a job". Really, I'm stressful to get one right now but I haven't stop to try so...hope god help me with this *praying*
Okay, maybe it's too late if I'm saying it right now but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO xanthenicole (in oct 3rd) and xryuchan27 (in oct 8th) . I'm so sorry I've just that right now, I didn't forget your birthday, honey, I'm just struggled with tests in another town so it's difficult to say it on the day
Also, I wanna thanks to people who always kind and support me in sad and happy situation (what kind of meaning of this, eh? :P) and also remember about my birthday ^__^
Thanks to donhisiewen , nanantingki , angeliro , pkikuda , takachie , You guys always in my heart and my mutual friends foreveer! Hope we can meet together soon and discussing about our favorite Yaoi's manga XDD
I know I'm not a better person but also not a perfect person so thank you for loving me with your heart in the day I born, hope you always love me in the way you did right now (it's okay, I'm happy right now! ^^) *bowed low*

[Shounen-ai] Blind of Mind by Coga Mayumi - MOST WANTED RAW!!!

I wanted this manga baaaaadlyyyyy~~ I don't care if it's in Japanese, Chinese or English(this is better than two those I mentioned because I can read it). Since I read one of stories in manga with title "Hibi Kira-Kira" which translated by echochi , I want to read more stories from her manga. I found out her biography in mangaupdates but she just has one manga with title "Blind of Mind". I searched about the book, it seems the book haven't licensed. I searched again to find the raw, maybe someone has sharing it but none of them.
Here is the cover (lovely huh? XDD)
So, I planned to buy myself and it turns out, the book has "out of print"! Disappointed? Off Course!
I've been looking around online shops in Japan which sell even asked my friend to find it in Japan when she was there but no result :'(
I wish someone will share it in internet because I fell in love with Coga Mayumi's manga XDD and I also hope she will appear with new manga(s) XDD
almost forget, to meshi_uchiha, Happy Birthday at August 28, I'm sorry for late(again) to say it :'( since I got job test in other country so my mind fulled of it, so sorry, meshi >0<"